Health Experts Reveal The Path To Reopen Schools


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A new report highlights the significant negative impacts on finance and health by keeping the schools, colleges and childcare facilities shutdown. The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity also reveals the safest and fairest ways of reopening.

Avik Roy, the reporter and co-author of this report said in a Tweet that the main objective of this report is to make the policymakers understand and  “heed the educational, social, and public health impact of prolonged school closures” for the US students number like almost 80 million who have already been out of school for months in 2020.

According to the report article, the current educational plan designed by nation is not sustainable. The closure of childcare, schools, colleges, and the institutions for higher educations have already put a negative impact on all families and especially, it has affected the families with lower income. The good thing is that report says that the solution is not at all challenging or risky due to the unique immunity nature of children have to Coronavirus.

The truth is that children are at very low risk of crucial illness or morbidity due to Covid19. The fact is children with the age group between 5-14 are more likely to get affected by influenza than of Covid19.  If you check the statistics, you will realize one thing that American under the age of 25 sums up to only 0.15% of the total number of Covid19 related to deaths.

Another good thing is that the rate of hospitalization and transmission for school going children is also very low with Covid19. According to the author, the very idea of waiting till the vaccine is ready is not something practical as the delay in opening the schools makes students more vulnerable to other risk factors.

The negative outcomes for students spending long time in home often results in increased social isolation, depression, boredom, suicidal thoughts, substance use, sexual abuse and many other things. The idea of not opening the education organization place students at higher rate of morbidity and morality both.

Although, all the students are suffering from schools closures, but the author has put more stress on the fact that poorer children have been suffering the most as they have very limited learning scope outside the schools. Researches have already established the fact that outside school learning opportunities create a significant gap in educational achievement between rich and poor children. The reason behind this is pretty straightforward- the poor children are less likely have a stable internet connection in their home where the Internet is the most vital element in outside school learning process.

Additionally, these students have not been provided with the taxpayer-underwritten school lunch and mental health resources that they get in-person from the schools.

Based on all the research and documents, The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity strongly recommends the idea of re-opening the schools while following all the guidelines of American Academy of Paediatric. The guidelines stated by this organization is more realistic than the Centre Of Disease Control. These guidelines include wearing masks for older children, maintaining proper distance, testing and tracing.

According to the research article the state should take responsibilities of developing virtual schools for those students who must stay at home. The virtual schooling should be the last resort after trying the alternatives of traditional schooling structures like micro-schooling.

Colleges need to be more creative and concerned so that they can encourage students to self-report symptoms and install temperature sensor outside the classroom so that it can identify students who are symptomatic.

The foundation has also been doing the researches for expanding the economic opportunities for those are going through the high level of poverty.

Taking all the necessary notes and references from other nations, the article acknowledges that America has all the potential to be the leader in reopening the schools by implementing the right science and technology to create the best environment for the students.

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