President Trump SLAMS Obama and Biden For Spying On 2016 Trump Campaign


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The United States President Donald Trump poked at the administration of Barack Obama, the country’s former President and the first Black President of the US, with a baseless accusation of treason.

Accusing Obama of treason

President Donald Trump accused former President Obama of committing treason and spying on his Election Campaigns conducted in 2016. The President did not elaborate on the specific charge. However, he repeated his assertion that the previous administration “spied” on his campaign in the course of the Russia probe.

Trump’s rival for years

The allegations made without evidence in an interview, was the Republican President’s latest effort to bring down Obama. Obama has always been a popular Democrat whom the current President has targeted for years. In fact, he has falsely suggested that he was not US-born.

Trump has continued to cast blame on the Obama administration even as his first four-year term comes to its conclusion.

Interview with CBN

Trump told CBN News’s David Brody that former President Obama had spied on his Election Campaign in 2016. He also acclaimed that he was right all along. Further stating that he now awaits the results of an ongoing investigation conducted by US Attorney John Durham and Attorney General William Barr.

No Comment on the accusation

Representatives for Obama, who had been scheduled to appear at a virtual fundraiser with Biden, told that he had no comment on Trump’s accusation. Obama has largely avoided public bickering with Trump. Shortly after the President shared a series of “Obamagate” missives on Twitter, Obama offered a terse reply as a tweet, which said “Vote.”

Not a Political Move

Trump stated that he would stay away from the investigation to avoid public defamation on claiming it a political move. He has tied his hope with the results of the investigation ongoing.

Trump’s animosity against the two-year investigation into Russia’s interference in the President’s 2016 campaign, which led to the current President of the United States’ impeachment, has continued since it began in 2017.

FBI agents ‘politically biased’

Trump and his allies had charged the FBI agents of being motivated by political bias. Also stating that they targeted his 2016 Campaign as a part of Russia’s interference in the elections.

For which Trump was tenaciously followed through for the first two years as he set foot in the President’s Office. He later referred it as a ‘witch hunt.’

A Justice Department inspector general report issued last year. It was found that the FBI was not driven by bias in its decision to open investigations into Trump campaign associates. It also mentioned that those probes had an adequate predicate.

“Petty and Ridiculous” Claims

Elie Honig, a legal analyst and former federal prosecutor in New York, dismissed Trump’s claim about Obama as “petty and ridiculous.” He also made it clear that there was no evidence of Obama regarding the wiretaps, which were actually court-approved. He also stated the technicalities of the term ‘treason’ being applicable only on a declared war.

The unveiling of the charge against Obama

After constantly declining the specific crime committed, President Trump attacked Obama after the former President was reported as a warning in a private phone conversation that the rule of law was at risk.

This further sparked insight. And, this was then associated with the Justice Department’s decision to move to drop perjury charges against Trump’s formal national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Unexpected Criminal Investigation

Barr in May addressed that Trump didn’t expect any sort of criminal investigation of either former President or former Vice President Joe Biden his 2020 Democratic Challenger. He also stated in the conference that their concern on ‘potential criminality’ is focused on the others.

The accusations and allegations posted by Trump stand void until evidence of tampering come into the light. Also, the US intelligence agencies concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to boost Trump’s candidacy. Nothing can be concluded per se until the investigation comes to an end, which is expected to be soon. Barr, the attorney general, has held the hopes of the President to dig into the matter and come up with the decision.

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