Two black women pay for white cop’s meal, leaving a note


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“Black Lives Matter, but so does yours,” a written note by 2 African American Women who helped brightened a Tennessee police officer’s day after they vouched for his breakfast out of gratefulness for his service. A piece of surprising news to brighten America’s mood. 

Nowadays, everything is about politics, race wars, political quarrels, and personal agendas. Good-will news like this is healthy for the system and the community.  

Deputy Jody McDowell was a Sumner County Patrol Deputy who received the kind gesture of the 2 African American women. Here’s his response: “I want to thank the two sweet black ladies who paid for my breakfast this morning. While waiting for transport to be completed, I decided to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel near the Nashville airport. I received this note from them.”

The note stated: BLM (Black Lives matter), but so does yours! Thank you for your service. Breakfast paid.”

According to Fox News, Deputy McDowell stated that 2 African-American women were sitting in the dining area got up to leave, but stopped over at his table and thanked him for his service before they headed back to Baltimore.

McDowell told WKRN-TV that the kind ladies were headed out to catch their flight back to Baltimore, Maryland, but he does not know their names. He hopes they see his message of gratitude.

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